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Best Pizza in Rome

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  • Best Pizza in Rome

    Went to Rome 3 years ago and had a Pizza at Baffetto after
    reading reviews in Travel guides..

    Absolultey fantastic cracker base never tasted anything like it before or
    since..Its what made me build my oven and get interested in good pizza

    No website but lots links on google
    Pizzeria Baffetto - Reviews and Ratings of Restaurants in Rome - New York Times Travel

    youtube of them cooking - YouTube - BAFFETTO PIZZA ROMA

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    Re: Best Pizza in Rome

    I just watched the YouTube video on Baffetto Pizza Roma -- great find! That brings back a lot of fond memories.

    As an interesting aside, there is a really good chance that the oven in the background is the Forno Bravo Ristorante. Our producer is located just south of Rome and they have a large market presence there. I walked into a pizzeria around the corner from our hotel one night, and boom -- there was a Ristorante oven that I recognized so well.

    The oven opening shape is pretty distinctive.

    Anyway, great find. Thanks.
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