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  • Napolini - Anaheim, Calif

    15 yr old niece is in town had to go to D-Land.

    Walking through the "free" portion before entering Disneyland or California Adventure is Downtown Disneyland. (editorial comment - gee they finally got a clue and have followed Knott's Berry Farm and provided food and stores outside of the park, as have Universal Studios - yep I prefer Knott's they have more shade!)

    Anyway were leaving and I say this scary masked dude up on the building facade. Unfortunately I only have a cell camera - first time using it. One shot is the outside and the other is the inside. I couldn't tell what the oven floor was composted. They had thier logs on the far back wall of the oven. On the left side were two 6 x 12 inch square openings that were belchiung a large natural gas flame. Below the oven, not in the picture, was their temperature gauge, the workers did not know if this was the floor or the dome - it read 650 F. I asked what their normal operating temprature was and they said "650". Average price for a small, and I mean small, cheese pizza was $10.

    I have not been to D-Land in over 6 years, just a 45 minute drive from home, so I doubt I will get a better pic.

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    Hey Patrick,

    We (the ones with the 8 and 12 year old daughters) went to D-Land last Thanksgiving, and were right there. We ended up at the Italian wine bar just down the road for a glass of Pinot Grigio and a plate of olives (Spanish, Italian and Greek). After a couple of minutes one of us said something like "this is nice, but it feels like Disney does Italy." We paused for a minute, then realized that it is Disney does Italy.

    I guess it's when you are in the real world and think "Disney does Wine Country" that you have to worry.

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      Re: Napolini - Anaheim, Calif

      Wow! This is the restaurant where I had my first pizza from a brick oven. I loved it, and decided to one day build an oven because of the experience; however, based on the reviews so far, it must not be that great afterall. This makes me want to finish my oven that much more.
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        Re: Napolini - Anaheim, Calif

        We were in Disneyland on Spring break and we ate at Naples and must say it was good. I spoke to the manager and he informed me they utilize white oak for their firewood and yes keep the oven around 650 throughout the day. As anything within the Disneyland Park, the prices are very high but Naples is definitely better than most of the other offers.