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More Tony Gemignani Pizza, Beer/Bread/Pizza, NYC

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  • More Tony Gemignani Pizza, Beer/Bread/Pizza, NYC

    A Championship Margherita by Tony Gemignani, part 2
    "I was mistaken last week when I said the Margherita that Tony made was his World Championship version. Actually, this week is the version that won it all."

    Peter's Blog
    Peter's Blog, Sept. 13, 2011
    "Thanks to our intrepid producer, Brad English, we're about to get a sneak peek at the Challenge Beer created by our friends at The Bruery."
    The Big Reveal
    "I'm a bread baker, not a brewer, but in a way, that's just a matter of thickness, viscosity, and a different approach to manipulating the three major points of the food triangle: time, temperature, and ingredients. Bread is solid beer and it's a whole lot more tolerant of human imprecision than beer, which is probably why I took the bread path when choosing careers."

    Guest Column
    Hens, Mussels, Devils, and Ears
    by Brad English

    Tony Gemignani's Coney Island Pizza