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Gluten Free Pizza Dough

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  • Gluten Free Pizza Dough

    Hi everyone, We have recently found out that my wife has Celiac Disease. We are know having to change her diet completely. Having a wood fired oven we often fire it up to make pizza's. I want to be able to make a good pizza that she is able to eat. I'm looking for a good dough recipe. Has anyone out there had success making a good pizza without using wheat based flours.


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    Re: Gluten Free Pizza Dough

    It is interesting that you bought this topic up as I made some gluten free dough today and used it tonight. What a load of crapp it was when compared to the last lot I made, it was briittle and more like thick pastry and was almost impossible to separate from the aluminium tray
    My wife bought it from a health food shop and is made from maise starch, tapioca starch, rice flour, soy flour.
    The last batch I made was for a neighbour using a gluten free flour bought at a bread baking supplier here in Adelaide, Peter Vann and plan on getting some more.
    She was so impressed claiming it to b the best that she had ever experienced and wanted the recipe which was the standard Forno bravo basic dough recipe and took the left over balls home. I plan on throwing out this $11/kg bag and getting the alternative from Peter Vann for another pizza fest in a few weeks.


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      Re: Gluten Free Pizza Dough

      Hi Neill, Thanks for your reply. When you used the Peter Vann Gluten Free Flour did you follow the Forno Bravo recipe? i.e. Did you just replace the normal wheat flour with the Peter Vann Flour and let it rise as per normal.


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        Re: Gluten Free Pizza Dough

        Hey guys did you ever establish a good gluten free pizza dough recipe that responds the same as a normal pizza dough in the wood fired oven