Wanted a little different crust, something like a cross between traditional and a light biscuit. I mixed 500 grams of all purpose from the fridge, 1 1/4 tps ADY, a pinch of backing soda (maybe 1/8 tsp at most), and 1 tsp salt in the mixer for a few seconds. I then took 100 grams of skim milk, 3 or so tablespoons of Olive Oil, and cold filtered water to get it to 325 grams and then mixed it in for a minute and then let it rest and hydrate for about 10 min. Switched to dough hook and worked it pretty fast for maybe 5 minutes. I then kneaded by hand for a couple of minutes until it passed the window test.

Proofed it overnight (doubled in size) in a single ball that had been worked to get some surface tension and divided in half a couple of hours before needed and allowed to warm up. Made fairly thick dough and added lots of toppings and it was really good. Don't get it too close to the fire as it takes a little longer to bake.

Next time I might hold it up near the top of the dome a couple of seconds to start the cooking before I add sauce as it was just barely done. Hope someone else can enjoy this!