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  • dough problems


    I've just tried to make a pizza and I had several problems:

    The dough was impossible to stretch, it kept shrinking back. It was too elastic.
    I baked it in a home oven at 260?C and the resulting crust was too hard.

    How could I solve these problems?

    I used high protein flower, 60% water, 3% fresh yeast, one spoon of olive oil and salt, and I kept the dough on the fridge for 24h.

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    Re: dough problems


    I you want a longer explanation of what I did....

    I made the pizza at my girlfriend's house and she doesn't have any scale. But more or less I tried to follow the Napolitan recipe. with 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of mineral water, half tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of oil and 10g of fresh baker's yeast

    I mixed most of the flour with the water and let it rest for 20 min.
    In a glass I dissolved the yeast in few water (and 1 teaspoon of sugar).
    Then I mixed all the flour, water and yeast and knead it by hand for 10min,
    I let it rest for 20min
    I added to this dough the oil and salt and mixed again for 15 min. As hard as I could, also bumping it against the table.
    I've added a llittle bit more water because it didn't look as wet as the the pictures I've seen.
    Then I left it in the fridge for 24h covered with a plastic film.
    It grew maybe 2-3 times.
    Again it looked dryer than other's picture but didn't add more water.
    I kept it out of the fridge for half an hour.

    I didn't reknead it after removal from the fridge, though I had to spread it and stretch it a lot. It kept shrinking back or breaking. It was too elastic and tearable.

    I halved the dough and put one part on a small oven, getting a not very thin layer. Even though the final result was not too bad, though a little bit hard.

    With the other half... I added more water, getting a much more viscous dough and I baked it, but the final result was even harder.
    Maybe I touched (stretched) it too much the dough trying to stretch it.

    I couldn't try a high T? on the oven because I still don't have a stone and this oven is very bad (it's supposed to be 250?C).
    My flour is 13.5% protein.

    Maybe crispy doesn't mean the same for me than for others. Or maybe a crispy pizza is only good if you get to make a thin crust, and I couldn't.

    Next time I'll try by kneading for a shorter time at lower temperature and, after removal from the fridge, I'll leave it 2 hours at room temp. I'll also try with lower gluten flour.
    Somebody told me I used too much salt.