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    Hi all,
    Have been making pizzas for a long time but only for 2 years in our new wood fired oven that my brother and I built. Love our dough recipe using unbleached all purpose flour. Light and soft with a slight crunchy crust. I had a conversation with a pizza restaurant owner/cook. He makes a very good pie. I asked him what he uses for flour, He uses as do most hi gluten flour. His brand is Trumps. I tried using KA bread flour which has more gluten than all purpose. I did a 50-50 split between all purpose and KA. It rose nice and looked nice but I was not pleased with the way the it performed both on the peel and out of the oven. It just didn't do it for me. I got those nice bubbles around the bare edges that I personally like but the rest was a little denser than I like. I am going to try a 1/4 hi gluten next time to see if I can get a little more elasticity to my dough, keep the integrity of the suppleness and yet get the crispy outside edges. I have a feeling that I am going to go back to the formula I have been using up till now because it truly is outstanding. Just wanted to try something different. May boil down to not messing with success.

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    Re: Experimenting

    I use All Trumps, KABF, 00, and very little AP flour. I get a tiny bit better results with the AT in the kitchen oven, but not the WFO.


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      Re: Experimenting

      I have used 00. Is that considered high gluten? When I used it it was so soft and velvety that it practically formed itself. When you use Trumps is the dough too elastic?
      Thanks for the into so quick.


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        Re: Experimenting

        I think Tipo 00 is considered a high gluten. I use a slightly abnormal work flow on my dough so it may not strictly apply, but they are all very workable, and not elastic.


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          Re: Experimenting

          I saw a video on a link to what I assume to be your site showing making dough. You have a very hydrated dough that is how I make my ciabatta. I can tell that it is very soft and pliable. I used 4.5 cups flour 5/8 tsp yeast 1 & 2/3 +/- water and 1tsp salt. Dough is slightly sticky. 1st rise 1+ hrs. divide in 2 and ball and then store in refrigerator or keep out for several hrs till ready to use.


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            Re: Experimenting

            I've been using caramelised Onions on my Barbecue chicken pizzas lately. One word: awesomely delicious! (Okay two words )
            Cooking, Tasting, Eating delicious traditional Pizza. The hungry house addict.


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              Re: Experimenting

              Next step is to add the bacon


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                Re: Experimenting

                I have been experimenting with flours to see what I prefer. I am new to the WFO but not to making pizza. I got all caught up with the high gluten thing and now not sure if that is my preference. I was also looking for a dough that was easy on the AP flour, trying to keep my blood sugar reasonable.

                Just out of experimentation I threw together the following:
                2 cups AP flour
                2.5 cups white whole wheat flour
                1 cup spelt flour
                1.5 tsp kosher salt
                1 tsp sugar
                1 T olive oil
                1/2 pouch active dry yeast
                Enough water to make a slightly sticky dough

                let it sit in the fridge for 2 days

                Wow, it made a great pizza crust. Tasty, just as tasty as a white flour crust probably better, light, airy, not too chewy. Easy to stretch. Cooked at 750 degrees, The cornice was big and puffy while the center was thin and not bready. Perfect for us. Thought I'd share.