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Identifying your Ingredients

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  • Identifying your Ingredients

    We have a big party coming up this weekend, I came up with what I believe is a very versatile way to identify the ingredients you are putting on the Pizza. This is not intended for the Professional Pizzaiolo but an aid to the guests at a gathering (party) so they may better understand what is going on or what to request to go on their pizza.

    I created several labels that are hot melt glued to Mini Spring Clothespins. They were purchased at a local arts and crafts store and are the mini version of the normal clothespins.

    The labels have the fronts covered with standard packing tape so they will withstand an occasional splash of liquid.

    They are easily clipped on to a bowl or jar so once they are made they can be used on the container that is sized to the ingredient.

    I also plan to use a menu with suggested ingredients but also listing all of the offerings of the day.


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    Re: Identifying your Ingredients

    Nice idea. I also like the idea of a menu of suggested ingredients. We always put out tons of ingredients, but time after time I am loading pepperoni or beef pizzas into the oven. I was never so happy to see one renegade put salami on hers.
    A menu with various non traditional pizzas could open the door to your guests to try some unusual but great flavors. Until I saw a video for carmalized onion, blue cheese fig pizza it never crossed my mind to pair those flavors. Now it is my go to pizza.