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Spicy Bacon Marmalade

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  • Spicy Bacon Marmalade

    Saw this on Foodtv, on diners, drivethrus and something something, with the chef with the blond spiky hair. The restaurant is called Cane Rosso, and the pizza is Delia, after his dog, I think. Wood oven, Caputo Flour, said he was cooking at 900 F.


    Chopped bacon,
    mined shallot
    minced garlic
    chili paste
    minced/chopped calibrian pepper (described as not as much in your face as jalapeno) We couldn't find it at whole foods, so we used one banana and one jalapeno

    cherry vinegar (couldn't find that so we used fig vinegar)


    start cooking it, then add it all, simmer for a while till it cooks down to a marmalade consitency.

    He added fresh mozzarela cheese, and the spicy bacon marmalade and cherry tomatoes. Then, when it came out, added fresh kale with a squirt of olive oil.

    The patrons of the restuarant were shown enjoying the pizza and said they loved it, as well as the host.

    Enjoy !!!


    (Forno Bravo Rules !!!!)

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    Re: Spicy Bacon Marmalade

    I just wanted to correct something from the recipe for Cane Rosso's bacon marmalade. It's actually sherry vinegar, not cherry vinegar. This jam is incredible!