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:eek: Pizza Disasters...Oh the Humanity!!!

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  • :eek: Pizza Disasters...Oh the Humanity!!!

    I thought it would be fun for people to post some pizza disaster pictures....

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    Re: Pizza Disasters...Oh the Humanity!!!

    My first attempt at pizza was a disaster...It looked great during prep....but not realizing there was technique involved, I gave it a whole-hearty shove into the oven. The dough stuck to the peel, and all of my toppings rolled onto the oven floor an began to smolder. After re-grouping a bit, I got the pizza successfully into the oven and cooking away.

    When it came time to remove said pizza, again, I gave a shove with the peel, and the entire pizze got shoved to the back of the oven, wallowing around in the ashes....

    Good news was that it was delicious anyway, and we all quickly learned some technique. That was over a year ago and we are all still learning


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      Re: Pizza Disasters...Oh the Humanity!!!

      I don't have any pictures but I can relate. My very first pie stuck, and then proceeded to roll into a calzone and found it's happy place in the fire. Had a party last Friday and told the wife to hold up on the pizza's so I could clean the hearth. The first pie in was glued to the peel. No one told me it was sitting on the peel for 5 minutes. I will now verify that it will slide before I commit. It is good for a laugh when one goes south...
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        Re: Pizza Disasters...Oh the Humanity!!!

        In my case I was trying to use my Big Green Egg to bake bread and pizza. I had made a set up that had pizza stone as a floor and suspended a stone above. I fired up some splits of oak and revised the temp to cooking levels. You can see the results in the pics below. The results were fantastic, I had never had the oven spring these displayed. I took these pictures so i could brag on the great results. Then I tasted the pizza, there was a terrible off favor that made you want to spit it out in both the pizza and it turned out in the bread as well. It turns out that the creosote that had built up in the egg over decades of use had ignited and created the horrible taste. You can imagine the disappointment. Still on the bright side, the sides of the egg were much cleaner. On the down side the upper stone cracked in the process. This experience was part of what led me to seriously consider a dedicated WFO.
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