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pizza with sea food?

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  • pizza with sea food?


    Some days ago I went to a pizzeria and asked for a pizza marinera (with squid, a lot of cheese, too much in my opinion, some tomato sauce, and some small and BAD quality shrimps (I think they were frozen and chewy).
    And it was not very good, again.

    I love grilled sea food but I don't know what's the problem with sea food on pizzas, maybe they don't go well together, or maybe most pizzerias don't put good ingredients.

    I want to make my own sea food pizza and I'd like to know your advises.

    Good roasted shrimps.
    Anochovies?. Maybe they will kill other ingredients' flavor.
    caviar substitute (or salmon roe)?. I've never seen it before but it could be nice.
    Mussels, clams, squid? Maybe they don't add much taste, and we can't notice well it's texture in a pizza.

    And the most important, What go well together with sea food/fish??.
    Maybe rucola or red pepper, tomato?

    In Spain we also use sauces made with squid ink or with garlic mayonaise but I've never seen them in a pizza.

    What topping ingredients should I precook?


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    Re: pizza with sea food?

    It's late for me so just a quick response. My 2 favorite pizzas with sea food are 1) smoked oysters (the small ones) with goat cheese. 2) fresh shrimp lightly sauteed with gobs of garlic,fresh spinach, ricotta. Both have standard red pizza sauce and mozzarella. I have had good clam pizzas though the clams can get chewy.


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      Re: pizza with sea food?

      Best seafood pizza I have had was egg, prawns and garlic and bacon,mushroom,salami,chilli ,garlic, prawns, olives.
      The trick is to protect the seafood and to add flavour.
      I never tasted an all seafood pizza that didnt taste like wet rubber and fish sauce


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        Re: pizza with sea food?

        The key to a great seafood pizza is the freshest possible seafood. Living in Japan, I can go to my local supermarket and pickup sushi quality seafood which is unbelievable on pizza. It nothing like the frozen stuff from most of the majority of pizza parlors.


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          Re: pizza with sea food?

          Originally posted by skan View Post
          What topping ingredients should I precook?
          Precooking for a pizza?

          The worst thing for pizzas is wet food, the seafood needs to be squeezed in some toweling to get rid of any excess water I should imagine frozen food would be full of water on thaw out.
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            Re: pizza with sea food?

            My favourite pizza is still olive oil and garlic base (no tomato sauce), green prawns cut lengthwise, red onion, feta cheese, dressed after cooking with lime juice (sparingly), rocket and sea salt.

            (cutting the prawns lengthwise ensures they cook properly in 90 secs)
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              Re: pizza with sea food?


              Thanks for your advises. I'll try.
              Olives are also vegs and I had forgotten them .
              Do you use black or green ones?


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                Re: pizza with sea food?

                What about adding some seaweed (algae)?
                Maybe hijiki sauted with soya sauce?


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                  Re: pizza with sea food?

                  nothing fancy, we enjoy seafood Alfredo pizza. I use med pink FL shrimp, FL bay scallops or patagonian scallops, and crawfish tails. saute for about 3 minutes in better and garlic. I make a standard Alfredo sauce which I jazz up with fresh ground colored pepper blend and finally chopped prosciuto. I sauce the pies, into the oven for 1 minute , pull it out and top with the sauted seafood, back in the oven for 1 more minute. Everhone who has tried it loves it much more than the standard meat and vege pizzas. The Italians are wrong about fish and seafood being paired with cheese, it can and should be done. It is quite tasty.