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Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

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  • Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

    Hey everybody,
    to my sorrow, a brick oven is not relay an option for me, but I found another option.
    I can get a small electric oven by Pizza Group for a good price that goes up to 850F.
    How will this kind of an oven handle making a Neapolitan style pizza?
    Here is the specs of the oven

    Thank you a lot and sorry for my poor English,

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    Re: Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

    From the specs that oven has 3 430 watt top elements. Thats 1290 watts total. In my opinion 1290 Watts is no enough to cook the top of a neapolitan pizza. You might get a nice 3 or 4 minute bake time out of it, but I don't think it will do a 60 second neapolitan. Pizzamaster ovens are the only electric ovens I know of currently on the market that can hit a neapolitan bake time, and they have a much higher watts/sq in.


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      Re: Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

      I'll back up Jeff's assessment. Definitely not enough power to do Neapolitan.

      I've been tracking oven watts per sq. inch for various manufacturers and their corresponding bake time capabilities for a couple years now, and, based upon the numbers of this oven, I can guarantee a 3 minute bake. But not below it.

      The relatively weaker bottom elements and unknown stone thickness might introduce recovery issues when entertaining large groups/high volume settings, but this will definitely do up to three 3 minute pies in one night.

      Jeff, I'm curious, do you have any wattages for the Neapolitan producing Pizzamaster ovens? The last I heard, the 'Varasano' oven was a standard option, but I can't find any wattages for it on the bakepartner site:


      I can only find wattages for the standard, non Neapolitan producing models.


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        Re: Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

        Thank you a lot
        I found out, after a talk with a nice lady from Sweden, that Pizza Master do sold in my country.
        Those ovens will do the job?


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          Re: Neapolitan style pizza in an electric oven?

          Guy, certain versions of the Pizzamaster ovens can produce very short bake times, quite possibly 90 second Neapolitan, maybe even less time that, but I'm uncertain as to their availability or how the company references them. I'm familiar with them through Jeff Varasano.

          Varasano's Pizzeria

          Jeff owns a custom Pizzamaster that apparently he helped Pizzamaster to develop. As you can see, they have the ability to produce very short bake times:


          It's been rumored that the 'Varasano' oven is now a stock option for Pizzamaster, but I can't find any more information about it on the Bakepartner website.


          Your best bet is to contact Bakepartner and tell them that you're interested in Varasano's oven and get specs for it. His oven is pretty famous so they should be familiar with it. They may only do these kinds of modifications to full size decks, but it's also possible that they might have the same option for a countertop as well. I do know that, unlike many American companies, the wattages on the countertops are comparable to their decks.

          Whatever you do find out from Pizzamaster, please let us know, especially model #s and specs for these special ovens.
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