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Help with this dough recipe

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  • Help with this dough recipe

    I want to try and make this recipe (click on link below) in a hobart 20qt mixer.

    North American Napoletana Pizza Dough | Wood Stone

    I could use some help on the yeast. If I am reading correct it uses cake yeast 22 grams. I found this conversion table (link below) to convert to active dry yeast like I use in forno bravo recipie.

    Yeast Conversion Table

    This would be 9.2 grams of active dry yeast. Seems a lot less yeast than forno bravo recipie would use with 10 lbs of flour? Would that be ok?

    Also it says mix salt and water in mixer then add yeast to salt and water and mix then add flour. Is this ok? Seems I have read on other posts the salt kills the yeast so to mix all dry ingredients first?

    Thanks for any and all input. If I am not giving enough info please ask for more and I will get it to you.

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    Re: Help with this dough recipe

    The recipe looks about the same as what I use. My recipe that makes two 14" pizza doughs, I use 1 tsp of active dry yeast for 400g flour and 67% water. I Would never mix the yeast and salt. I first mix the salt into dry flour. As far as the amount of yeast, that depends alot on how long of a ferment your going to do, I typically do 4 days in the refridge using the 1 tsp.

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      Re: Help with this dough recipe

      I just made dough for the first time only using 0.25% yeast. It worked fine but it was fermenting in the fridge for 3 days. The real percentage you need will depend on the time you give it to ferment but also the temperature. In the end I do not think it makes a big difference if you use a little more or less, you will have to experiment if it does for you.