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Pizza Crust Crunch and Chew

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  • Pizza Crust Crunch and Chew

    My husband says my crusts are just fine but I'm curious and want to learn more.

    The pizza flour I'm using is a Mexican brand the protein content is 11.5

    The recipe I'm currently using and it does work well but I was curious if I could still get a little more crunch? We love the chew and just the right amount of puffiness but could it be any better???

    3-4 cups extra fine pizza flour
    1/2 cup semolina flour
    1 3/4 cup water
    1/2 tsp yeast
    2 tsp sea salt

    I like to mix a cup of water with the yeast with a cup of flour together as a starter and let it set for at least 30 min before adding the rest of the ingredients. The flour and the water is give or take depending on the humidity.

    Sometimes I grease a bowl with some EVO and cover the dough to rise 1.5-2 hours. Then I form the balls and let them rise anywhere from 1-4 hours. It just depends on what is happening that day. I've watched tons of Italian videos and this seems to be what they do. Except for adding the semolina flour. Does anyone know if that's an Italian practice to add semolina flour? What kind of dough am I making? Does it have a name?

    If my husband wants a pie/thicker crust, I just don't stretch it as much and he's happy! Cooked all the way through, great chew and not soggy!!!

    For a thinner crust, obviously, I stretch it more Italian style by forming the edge and finger dimpling and then use my hands to stretch and even can toss it a little in the air if I want to. But the edge is still that normal to have almost and inch or two of outer crust being that thick?

    I did read that some people add a little EVO, say 1/2 TBS to make it crispier. IS that added into the dough while mixing initially? Thanks!!!