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bulk, balled or both?

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  • bulk, balled or both?

    just wondering what peoples preferred rising method is?

    i currently opt for a 24 hour refrigerated bulk rise then 2 to 4 hours balled at room temperature before stretching, working at 62% hydration with caputo blue and 0.3% IDY (i put 1 tsp in 1 kg of flour)

    been having ok results but i think it might do better if i went for longer balled rise or maybe even all balled rise?

    what's your flour, yeast, hydration and rise methods?

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    Re: bulk, balled or both?

    Hello Keith - I have been using the FB Pizza Dough by Weight recipe for nearly 2 years. I have tweaked it a bit along the way but still use the base numbers.

    What I have been using is Caputo 00 flour as the base starting with 100 grams of stoneground wholemeal flour, 75 grams of semolina and 825 grams of OO flour, 65% hydration including a tablespoon of olive oil, 7 grams of IDY and 10 grams of salt.

    I let it bulk rise at room temperature, ball it up and put it in the refrigerator in individual containers for 1 to 3 days and let it stand at room temp for an hour before stretching.

    It produces a a 35 cm thin crisp pizza base from a 200 gram ball.

    The thing is that room temperature varies from place to place and where I live it is seldom less than 20 C and up to the mid 30's C.

    My notion is that it just needs tweaking until you get what you want and your environment will be a significant variable.

    Go play with the recipe.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      Re: bulk, balled or both?

      I bulk
      Let it rise about double at room temp then in the fridge for 1 day mainly
      Ball when coldish
      Then allow a short time to warm up and make pizzas then let rise on the tray before cooking.
      Works out well
      Im flour salt yeast water only


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        Re: bulk, balled or both?

        After mixing, I let rest at room temp then bulk ferment at 60F in cooler (with ice) for 60-72hrs. On the morning of the bake, pull dough, scale, re-ball and place back in cooler. Let warm up 2hrs prior to pizza bake time.