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Common Mistakes, Pizza Disasters

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    I don't have a wooden peel, just use aluminium and if you 'lubricate' whatever peel you are using with semolina or your preferred medium then they will release the same.

    Timber has a traditional ring but I am sure that those who pioneered WFO's could have got their hands on a bit of stainless or alumina they would have embraced that.

    All about personal preferences and how much theatre you want.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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    • Pizza party, 30 pizzas to make. Plan is for me to tend the fire, drink beer, keep the guests amused and cook. Friends are making the pizzas in the kitchen. They are already? Are we starting? Hell...

      First one on a wooden pizza peel has more flour on the peel than was in the pizza. It almost exploded when I slid it into the oven. 'Less flour!' is the call. Nothing appears for half a beer, so I go to see how they are doing. It's bedlam. No room to move and the next one has been made directly on the work surface with zero flour. Took us a few minutes to scrape it off and turn it into a calzone. The third is being rolled out with a pin to the thickness of a few microns. Ditto no flour. Ah well...

      Lesson learnt: Make sure everyone knows what they are doing and how to do it before you start. That should include yourself. I'd made around 7 or 8 pizzas myself up to this point and here we go making thirty in one hit. Well, it was fun. Stressful but fun. And the pizzas tasted great.


      • I thought this was useful.