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100% Whole grain pizza? Is this a joke?

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    Re: 100% Whole grain pizza? Is this a joke?

    I made a video the last time I made whole grain pizza and posted it on the tube. The big difference is this pizza is made without a mixer. That's right, I used a screwdriver and a plastic bowl to mix this batch of whole grain pizza. I cut the business end off the screwdriver and rounded it over with a file. I did this just to prove that you don't need a big fancy mixer to make great pizza. The last pizza on the video is 90% Harvest King and 10% rye flour so this method works equally well with regular white flour.

    The dough was 90% stone ground whole wheat and 10% stone ground rye flour but it was 100% delicious! I used 95% hydration which seems high but as you will see it was no problem.

    The rye made the dough a little heavy but it adds some good flavor. You can use all whole wheat for a lighter pizza dough if you like.

    (YouTube - Whole Grain Pizza and Bagels)

    Here’s the recipe:

    540 gm Gold Medal stone ground whole wheat flour (90%)
    60 gm Hodgsons mills stone ground rye flour (10%)

    270 gm cold water (47.5%)
    270 gm cold milk (47.5%)

    12 gm honey (2%)
    12 gm salt (2%)
    12 gm olive oil (2%)
    3/32 tsp IDY (1/64 tsp per 100 gm)
    Vitamin C

    Villa Roma
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      Re: 100% Whole grain pizza? Is this a joke?

      Here's a pizza made with 90% GM all purpose flour and 10% whole grain rye. You don't need high gluten flour to make great pizza. Also check out the 100% whole grain bagels. Start your morning off right with whole grains! The last pizza is 100% whole grain, All courtesy of the LBE.

      Villa Roma
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        Re: 100% Whole grain pizza? Is this a joke?

        We tried Villa Roma's whole wheat pizza last night, and it was GOOD! Villa Roma has an updated WW dough recipe that he posted in the photo gallery. The recipe is hard to find so here is the link:
        PhotoPlog - Pizza

        The dough has really high hydration; it's right on the line between batter and dough. After flouring my hands, it shaped very nicely into 12 inch pies. It baked up beautifully.

        Pie #1 is pepperoni, mushrooms, fresh basil & fresh tomato.
        Pie #2 is leftover taco beef, chedder/mozz cheese, onions & pineapple.

        Ken H. - Kentucky
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          Re: 100% Whole grain pizza? Is this a joke?

          Ken...Good looking pizzas.

          Here's one from my last batch. I used 100% GM stone ground WW flour.

          Villa Roma


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            I'd love to revive this thread if anyone has had more success with 100% whole wheat pizza dough. I am going to try Villa Roma's formula this weekend, but in this thread, he offers two formulas with very different amounts of yeast (3/32 tsp with 600 g flour vs. 1/8 tsp with 400 g flour, i.e. 0.05% vs. 0.1%). The one with the higher yeast quantity is also the formula with higher hydration (100% as opposed to 95%), which seems counterintuitive. Maybe he made a mistake and meant 3/16 instead of 3/32 or 1/16 instead of 1/8; in that case the two percentages would be the same. Another post in this thread links to another version of Villa Roma's formula in the photo gallery, but I guess that link doesn't work anymore.

            It would be great to hear of others' successes (or failures) with 100% whole wheat pizza. I'm not giving up my white-flour pizzas, but this is a challenge that intrigues me.

            Don Ulin
            Allegany, NY

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              I grew up eating whole wheat bread made from wheat my folks milled in an electric "magic mill" that sounded like a jet engine.

              It took a lot of years for dad to master it. There were a lot of wheat-based bricks.

              My point, though, is that commercial whole wheat bread always tastes rancid to me. It only takes a few days for the oils from the bran to go off. There might be a corollary to north american olive oil preferences though -- the "good extra virgin olive oil" flavor that most americans recognize and say they like is what most europeans would call rancid.

              Whole grain pizza sounds awful to me. I'll get my fiber some other way.