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Pizza Questions - looking to replicate Keste

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  • JackMcConnick
    Interested in the no.2 question as well.
    - Jack Mcconick
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  • jr07
    started a topic Pizza Questions - looking to replicate Keste

    Pizza Questions - looking to replicate Keste

    hi all

    have had my Napolino 70 oven for two months now and have made some great pizzas but as Bono would say, I still havebt found what Im looking for! Lol

    i have used many recipes all varying in hydration content, all the way from 60% to 80%..... the lower one was the worst result, tough to bite pizza. The high one too chewy.

    my oven, picture attached, has only reached 600 deg on the floor, measured with an infrared gun and 700 deg or "OL" at the dome...

    My ultimate goal would be to replicate a pizza like one from keste in new york..... and I will continue trialling and erroring but wanted to see if users here can shed any light...

    1. Oven temp. Is that the highest? Or can it go higher

    2. Hydration content? Should it be 70%?

    3. Cheese I guess is a result of oven temp.. i see that the high temp calls for a firmer cheese