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NY Styles in home oven vs pizza oven

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  • NY Styles in home oven vs pizza oven

    Before getting into pizza ovens, I used a home oven using baking steel at 550F using this NY style recipe and it was always perfect (for my taste/preference; not sure if this is even a good recipe or not). I tried using the same recipe and doing it in a 900F pizza oven but I just can't get that same spotted cheese melt as the top burns a lot quicker than a home oven. I tried using Kenji's NY style recipe as well and had similar outcomes (apart from it seeming like way too much yeast in that recipe). Am I cooking it too hot? Should NY styles be cooked at a lower temp or is there any other advice?
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    Does your NY-style dough recipe include Olive oil? Most do. That doesn't work in the temps of a WFO. NY pizzas are generally cooked at lower temps and the oil is added to help the crust brown. But @ WFO temps it makes the dough cook too fast vs. the toppings.
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      We have a WFO outside that we cook in at 650-700* floor temp and a baking steel that we use inside in our electric wall oven at 550*. We purchase dough(i know, but I will eventually get into it) from a local supermarket and have had wonderful results in our WFO all year. While at the local restaurant supply, I picked up a case of their frozen pizza dough. When we use that dough in our WFO, the outer crust burns before the crust was done/crispy. It was aggravating having to lower the oven temps to get a decent result. One day we had plans for friends to be over for a pizza night but the weather wasn’t cooperating so we took the party indoors. I heated the oven/baking steel and tried it for the first time. To our amazement the results were a damn near perfect pie! We have since compared both types of dough both inside and outside and come to the conclusion that Wegman’s white pizza dough is for the outdoor WFO and the restaurant dough is for indoor baking steel cooking. It may have to do with hydration, oil, sugar or whatever, but my “unscientific” experiment has shown what dough works in which oven. In the end it was fun eating the experiments!

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