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    Hi Folks

    I’m new to the forum but not new to sourdough or using a wood fired oven (I have a couple years of experience working in restaurants). I just got my Forno Bravo oven up and running and I’m on the hunt for a classic Neapolitan recipe using starter (hope that’s not an oxymoron).

    There are a lot of recipes using yeast but I’d love to find a tried and true recipe that will give me a tender, puffy result in a high heat oven.

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    I have been making sourdough pizza in my kitchen oven at 500F for the last year or so and have recently adopted this method. The dough is nice to work with and has a noticeable tangy sourdough flavor.
    I'm not sure if the crust would change at the higher pizza oven temps, so let me know.

    for 2 pizza's (usually it's just the two of us)
    317 g flour
    193 g water
    10 g salt
    33 g starter

    Mix the water and salt together until the salt is dissolved then add in about a third of the flour and mix it well (will be very soupy).
    Add the starter and mix it in really well.
    Add in another third of the flour and mix it really well.
    Add in the final third of flour and kneed it for 5 to 10 minutes until it's springy (press a finger in and it bounces back).
    Cover and rest it for a couple hours at room temp.
    Weigh out and shape into balls (I do about 275 to 280 grams per pizza).
    Place in air tight container and rest for about 24 hours at mid 60's F temperatures.
    When the oven is hot and ready, take a dough ball out, shape it, top it, and put it in the oven =)
    I usually run the oven at 500F with the convection fan on and the pizza's take about 6 or 7 minutes to cook.


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      Massimo Nocerino provided the following on youtube:

      1kg 00 Flour or 0 Flour
      25 gr salt
      650 ml cold water
      150 gr Starter

      He says to use typo 0 rather than 00 if your ferment is longer. And he's referring to actual soft wheat italian flour like caputo or vesuvio.

      In a more recent video he gave:

      1kg type 0 flour
      180g starter
      25g salt
      20g olive oil
      600ml water

      He also has a sourdough rye recipe somewhere.