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Quattro stagione

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  • Quattro stagione

    I enjoyed folks' input on the quattro formaggio. Here's something new.

    What do you use to make a Quattro Stagione (four season) pizza?

    Do you put the four ingredient in four corners?

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    I ordered this (Quattro Stagione or Four Seasons) regularly at pizzerias in Vicenza Italy when I lived there for 3 years. It is basically a margherita pizze (sauce & cheese) topped in four quadrants with (usually, it varied) proscuitto, carchofi (artichokes), funghi (mushrooms), and salamino picante (what we call "pepperoni" in the US). I always asked for "con uova" and they would crack an egg on there before baking - it came out like a med sunny-side up fried egg and was delicious with the ham. I disliked the vinegary artichokes and always pissed them off by requesting black olives instead at my favorite place LOL. Oh, how they rolled their eyes at the American, LMAO, whatever.

    I lived there in the 70's when I graduated from an Army high school and have many achingly fond memories of friends, girlfriends, and the incredible food.


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      Octoformaggios are the newest, latest, dopest in mulitchezed pizza arrangements these days. The adozenchezes is in development at Lawrence Livermore Labs, but no one thinks it will work. Apparently, there is only so much cheese you can put on a pizza.