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Making dough , something i just realized

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  • Making dough , something i just realized

    This may sound odd and funny butt maybe some others may have done also ,while making dough by weight. The 1st time i made dough, i never subtracted the water, i used to proof my yeast from the total water , guess thats why it was wetter then should have been. Another thing i didnt do was subtract the weight of the measuring cup or containers i used to weigh flour ,salt ,water, guess thats why everthing was off. Maybe somewere in posts it has been metioned, butt i never seen it. Sounds like a obvious thing butt easy mistake. I feel sorta stupid. Or maybe i did see and forgot

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    Re: Making dough , something i just realized

    Easy mistake. Don't feel stupid.

    Most of the electronic scales have a "Tare" button on them. When I make my pizza dough, I put my stand mixer bowl on the scale, push the tare button to zero out the scale, then add my 750 gr flour, 15 gr salt and 3 gr of yeast. DONE!
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