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King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

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  • King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

    My mom sent me a bag of King Arthur Italian Style Flour for Valentine's day, and we tested it out on Tuesday night. The bag says "Bakes like Italian 00 flour--Perfect for pizza and breadsticks." And the texture of the dry flour felt like the Caputo 00 I bought from the import shop. But wow, when it was made into dough, it didn't perform anything like the Caputo (or even bread flour, for that matter). The dough was very difficult to work with, and kept tearing when Drew would try to stretch and toss the dough. Drew is really, scarily good at this dough-shaping stuff, and hasn't torn a hole in a single pizza until this batch of dough.

    The flavor and texture when the pizzas were cooked was quite good. It's just the handling that was tricky and unsatisfying.

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    Re: King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

    Maybe "King" Arthur needs to be demoted to "Prince" or even "Poorper"?
    Have you contacted them over the problem?

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      Re: King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We are sorry to hear that the Italian Style flour didn't work out for your as expected.

      Our bakers would be happy to troubleshoot with you. You can reach us at through email bakers@kingarthurflour.com or through our live chat at King Arthur Flour home page.

      We appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

      MJR @ King Arthur Flour


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        Re: King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

        I've heard very good things about the forums over at KA flours and the experts there that offer advice. I'd planned to head over there to see if I could tweak technique and get better results. Like I said, the taste and cooked texture were very good.


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          Re: King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

          KAF -- thanks for jumping in. That's very responsive and appreciated. I bake every day with KA GP, white whole wheat and whole wheat, and I often ponder what a high percentage of my daily calories come from KA. Your flours are great.

          That said, I still like Caputo for pizza and focaccia. :-)

          Welcome guys,
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            Re: King Arthur Italian-Style Flour

            I had small amounts of whole wheat flour, all-purpose and 00 (all KA) which I needed to use...mixed a batch of equal parts and it was pretty good. But how bad can it be in the form of a pizza....?....Haven't used Caputo yet, but i'm looking forward to doing so.
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