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Beginner's Luck & Newbie Gratitude

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  • Beginner's Luck & Newbie Gratitude

    We built our first BIG-ish fire today and cooked our first pizzas tonight. Made enough dough for four pizzas, just in case, but luck was on our side and the first two were just fine.

    Having read about fruit dessert pizzas, that's what we tried with one of the extra dough balls. Probably didn't wait long enough for the oven floor to cool, because while the fruit on top tasted great, the crust was almost impossible to cut (such a contrast to the pizza crust; Caputo flour rocks!). Still, having had wine before and during the pizza making, we were happy.

    Two days before (on the last curing-fire day), we also made beer can chicken -- again, with help from the Forum. Truly tasty.

    None of this would have been successful without the generous help from the forum. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to post your experiences, hints and tricks (e.g., CanukJim's idea of rice flour on the peel; Robert Musa's points about the importance of a fire on the side for both the chicken and pizza; Texassourdough's point about the internal temp of the beer can liquid; James' videos & PDFs; etc., etc., etc.).

    So, tonight we are full, happy, and very pleased to be new WFO owners/users. A grateful toast to you all.