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  • Khachapori

    Has anyone heard about this Georgia (the country, not the state) pizza-like speciality?

    Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria

    This place is in a nearby neighborhood but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

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    Re: Khachapori

    Eggs on pizza: Oh those Europeans. It's ubiquitous in France too. I once tried it, and it's harder than it looks. You know how things that roll keep rolling when the pizza hits the bricks? Well the egg does that too. What a mess. I finally had to ladle the egg on after the pizza was in the oven. They cook more slowly than other toppings too. You have to keep the pizza near the door to get that egg to set up.
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      Re: Khachapori

      Probably a good argument for using tiny eggs - like quail eggs!


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        Re: Khachapori

        I have tried to put egg on pizza. I have found the key is to have small eggs (not quail eggs, but not the extra large we usually have around) and to have them at room temperature, not cold out of the fridge. I would like to give that Khachapori a try...
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          Re: Khachapori

          Well, I don't know how authentic this is but I made some based on the description from my local pizza place.

          Used 4 oz NY-style dough for each, rolled/stretched to an oval, turned up the sides and pinched the ends into a boat-shape. Filled with mozzarella and feta (70-30) and sprinkled with Mexican Cojita... only because I had some. Added a gind of black pepper too.

          After baking off, put egg on one (nobody else in my family will eat partially cooked egg). The egg slid off and I busted the yolk trying to push it back on. Maybe used too much cheese filling???

          Tasted good. The egg had the consistency of a softly poached egg. Even the kids ate all of theirs!

          One of these days I'll have to buy one at the pizza place and compare to my version.


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            Re: Khachapori

            ... and ever since my kids have been begging me to "make it again"!