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Taking the Plunge

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  • Taking the Plunge

    Hi All Forno Bravo Members,

    I've been reading with great interest over the past few weeks some great post from guys all over the world, who like me, have dreamt of building their own oven , and have completed or are still in the process of completing fantastic projects. This site has inspired me and given me confidence to tackle my own project. Having recently completed installing a pool (not me personally, but the pool company ), I thought that an outdoor bbq kitchen area complimented by a pizza oven would be the icing on the cake for my family.
    So i've downloaded the Pompeii oven instructions and am ready to tackle this challenge head on. I look forward to showing you guys updates as i go and hope i can get some helpful tips along the way. Have a great New year everyone and i'll be posting soon.



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    Re: Taking the Plunge

    It will be a great journey, good luck with your build. Download the plans from FB and you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

    Have a great build.


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      Re: Taking the Plunge


      It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

      Take time to see how others conquered their builds and overcame obsticles. You are in great company, and this was one of my more fun projects. Just remember - plan on a lot of extra time - making runs to the hardware store for blades, or Portland, or grabbing a cold one - it is summer down there. That way the sig other will not hold it over your head when it took 3 months longer (or in my case 2 + years from laying the first foundation block).
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        Re: Taking the Plunge

        Hi Brung

        Welcome to the forum, I'm also new here and like you have got inspiration from this site. I'm at the very early stages with my build basically I've dug out the foundation and have some of the materials like concrete blocks, some fire bricks etc.
        If you are like me you have already built your oven 20 times in you head and every time it's been different. Think it over and make sure you build an oven for what you'll use it for and not one for what you might use it for. I was going to go big (42") but have now compromised and will go medium (32-34"). Heat up time was a major factor and being a family of 3 who don't entertain a lot a 42" might be overkill.
        Keep us updated with pics as I'm sure there'll be many interested in your progress.
        Have a happy and safe New Year.


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          Re: Taking the Plunge

          good to see another wfo in oz,
          take the chance to look around at a few off the ovens on here and dont worry they all crack and the wont fall down


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            Re: Taking the Plunge

            yep, cracks add character and remember , we are not all masons , brickies etc
            i was masonory impared but gave it a go glad i did.


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              Re: Taking the Plunge

              Hi from the cobbler
              Remember were all here to add our "two bits" in This motley mob has a lot of local knowledge so just don't post ya victorys (yes we do enjoy them)... ask away you'll get 7 or 8 answers And you get to pick which one sounds the best....
              Regards Dave
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                Re: Taking the Plunge

                Thanks guys for all the words of encouragement. Cant wait to get cracking and posting photos of all the good & bad things I will encounter during the build.
                I'm sure i will be relying an all your great experience and advice on how to get me through the tough parts of the project.
                Cheers and a great New Year to you all !!.




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                  Re: Taking the Plunge

                  Well Hi Brung,
                  and a warm welcome aboard. Great to see another one from Down under prepared to give it a go.
                  Over 20 years ago, I excavated a large in ground pool, helped out with the reinforcement, got it concreted sprayed and finished the rest of it by my lonesome. I even had to dig out the last 30 tons of rock as the excavator was not in a favorable mood after blowing up his truck alternator on the way to the job.
                  I fully tiled the pool, dug the footings and built the rock retaining walls, paved the area and built the custom fencing to control the kids enthusiasm.
                  Over 3 years ago, I built a 40" Pompeii which then led to an outdoor kitchen which I did a new extension to today (over the oven itself, pics tomorrow on my kitchen posting).
                  Just a little word of warning, it is contagous, can be a little expensive, but very, very rewarding. The kids and grand kids are coming over for a swim and pizzas tomorrow!
                  Good luck with your build and keep it supported with the pictures.

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                    Re: Taking the Plunge

                    Brung, Shut your your eyes, think happy thoughts and get stuck fair in to it. I have very recently finished my build, and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

                    Your build will not be perfect, at first you will look at it and only see the things you should have done better. But after 3 or 4 cook ups, you will hardly notice the shortcomings and see it for what it is - a focal point for family and friends to get together and have a good time and a good feed. Look at it that way and who gives a damn if the arch is wonky, or the chimney isn't straight.

                    And yes, it will crack to buggery but it'll still be apples.

                    Go the mighty blues (this year, surely, this year!!)