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  • FAT pizza

    Hi All
    Try as you might you can't get away from it australians love.... FAT pizza. I have tried to edumacate them to a more traditional stylebut the customer is always right they say.

    So... here a few of my home tips for producing the Aussie Fat pizza style with heaps of toppings

    Dough....Try for a lower hydration dough... not too damp.. heres my recipe for a 30cm 12in ball of dough
    1teaspoon dry yeast
    1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
    1 teaspoon sugar ( the yeast will eat this long before the oven blackens it)
    1 teaspoon olive oil
    90 ml water (3&1/4 fl oz)
    160 gm flour ( i us 50/50 mix "00" or bread flour with plain flour)
    Just mix more of the same amounts for more pizza but reserve back a little water till you see how the dough is (don't ask why this is so it just works)

    Oven Temp
    still heat you oven up the same just ( mine 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get the bricks saturated with heat) a littler less hell boy you aiming for 450C instead of 500C plus.... 10 min cooking time rather than 3 mins

    Proof the dough on Trays (I'm going strait to hell for this one)
    Yes proof the dough off once and put away in the fridge wraped in plastic wrap till needed. leave out for 20 mins renead and roll out you dough onto oil pizza trays and reproof on the trays. Don't cover let the upper surface skin a tittle it don't hurt only helps resist bigger topping loads

    Start the cooking on trays (Yep strait to hell!!! )
    Yep cook in the oven on trays retards the base from burning and allows the topping to cook. Flipp pizza off the trays when the tops cooked onto the brick closest to the entrance to dry the last of the base off

    Pre cook some bases
    lightly precooking bases is great for a big crowd.... stack them up with kichen paper between each one. Let the guest use the dryer side cause it resists the higher toppin load. I usually precook a few bases so I can make a few garlic pizza bases when people arrive.

    Dave Aussie Bacon Ham and egg pizza
    one pizza base proofed of on oiled tray
    Small amount of tomato sauce ( tin tomatoe 1 tsp salt 1 teaspoon sugar 5 cloves garlic wizz up and put in fridge 1 hour)
    Cover sauce with shredded ham and bacon ( reserve rind)
    Cover with 1/2 the cheese
    Now the good bit... break the egg into you hand (definitly over the pizza)
    Now break th yolk and let it sorta oozze through your fingers the trick is to not mix it up to much you want patchs of yolk and patchs of white. If you haven't overloaded the ham bacon chees the egg should fill the gapes and soak into the topping layer.
    remaining of the cheese a little ground black pepper and fine parmesan cheese
    Cook Pizza
    Rub the reserve bacon rind in oil and heaps salt place on tray near the flames watch closely remove when it puffs up and goes crispy. Cut the rind up add some chopped parsley throw on the top of cooked pizza
    ( sorry there is no photo in existance of this pizza it has a half life of 2 mins)

    Click image for larger version

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    3 pizzas (Yep on trays) why have a smaller oven than 42 inc

    Regards Dave
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    Re: FAT pizza

    Hi all
    Here's a recipe to break all the rules of bread baking. Have had this recipe for years and have used it long before I built my wfo and used it to cook pizza for the wife and 2 hungry boys in a ordinary stove with an upturned 5mm thick baking dish as a heat bank. The recipe originally came from a neighbours NZ cookbook and it possible a get a pizza in the oven in 1/2 hour

    Quick Yeast/Bread Pizza Base
    1 1/4 cups warm water
    3 tsp sugar
    1 teaspoon dried yeast
    1 tbsp veg oil
    3 cups flour
    1/2 tsp baking powder ( yep baking powder)

    Dissolve the sugar in the water( blood temp ) then sprinkle with the yeast. Add the oil and stir gently. leave it to stand for 5 mins.
    Once the yeast has started to bubble and looks foamy add the flour and finally spread the baking powder to the top checking there are no lumps.
    Stir everything together till you get a ball of dough leave to rest while you chop and prep the toppping. Flatten your dough to pizza size ( leave to rest again if possible) add toppings and your away.

    With this recipe its possible to get a pizza made for cooking in a half hour. I have run out of dough before and used this to get a pizza flowing again with no complaints. Also used it to make a passable bread roll as well.

    (Neighbours found the book.. Alison Holst's Meals without Meat CJ Publishing 1992 page 100)

    Regards Dave
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    Cut once
    Fit in position with largest hammer

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