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Flue regulations?

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  • Flue regulations?

    Someone mention to me today that my flue is most likely not up to australian standards being single walled going in to colorbond roof and if my house ever burnt down insurance wouldn't cover it.

    anyone got info on such issues and would like to share or point me in right direction, can't seem to find specific info after googling fearlessly for an hour

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    Re: Flue regulations?

    Hi croc

    My understanding is that a flue going through a roof that is near combustables should be double skinned, when it goes through the roof triple skinned.

    That's how it was 20 years ago for combustion heaters.

    Google combustion heaters.
    Cheers Colin

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      Re: Flue regulations?

      A call to your local council building dept should yield the info you need. There may be an
      Australian Building Standard for that and a search should find it if there is.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: Flue regulations?

        so i take it most ovens are "illegal" when in comes to the flue
        AS publications cost money and council is useless and knows nothing, my only concern is oven vs insurance


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          Re: Flue regulations?

          Most builders use double wall. Don't know about Aus regulations, but I'm pretty confident that single wall going through a roof is not up to code - nor is probably safe
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            Re: Flue regulations?

            Hi Croc,

            My suggestion would be to go to a place that sells and installs combustion heaters. You would like to think that they should know the local regulations !!!


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              Re: Flue regulations?

              You would hope, I been calling roof plumbers but can't even get anyone to come out and quote me so far, clearly economy is booming......


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                Re: Flue regulations?

                ICC code is 2" clearence from combustibles.
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                  Re: Flue regulations?

                  Hi Croc
                  Not sure on regs myself, so I went the double skin through the roof space and insulated the roof timbers near by with strips of 8mm fibre (blue) board on faces exposed to flue, I also intend to wrap outer flue with 25mm Ceramic blanket that should satisfy triple skin?
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                    Re: Flue regulations?

                    this whole thing is confusing, if you going in to house roof space you meant to be triple i think.
                    also i believe that if you penetrating roof unless it is done by qualified plumber and you get compliance certificate it can still void your insurance? the more i read the more i get confused.
                    I finally got someone today to come out and have a look and they seem to have ok pricing so see how that goes, still waiting for final word with quote.