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New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

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  • New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

    Hi all! Long time reader first time poster

    The lady friend and I moved in to our new house in Nudgee later april this year. I was tasked with hundreds of new house jobs but got stuck in to a pizza oven instead.

    Here are some of the pictures from the build which started about 8 weeks ago. I plan on making a youtube clip of the progress once complete, but here is a bit of an idea.

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    Re: New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

    G'day Jason
    Welcome, ask as many questions as you want, but keep up the pics .... A pictures worth a thousand words....
    On that subject the pic of the oven and BBQ its good you include a figure in that. It shows the stands a little low for both. For max comfort the cooking surface should be 50 mm lower than the bend in your elbow. With the WFO its the hearth height. It means you can both see into the oven and operate your tools without bending. Same with the BBQ, make it the right height and its more comfortable to operate. You buy a BBQ and stand you except the height that it is but you have the chance when you building yourself to make it perfect for yourself
    In saying that if there is a height difference between you and you lady ....well you'll have to sort that one out yourself
    Regard Dave
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    Cut once
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      Re: New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

      Welcome Jason - Nice part of the world where you are. I lived in Boondall for a couple of years before moving to Bundaberg.

      Good advice from Dave about heights. The more time spent planning the better the result. I am building an oven for my daughter at Enoggera in instalments when I visit.

      You will find the forum a valuable source of information/advice and the two things to remember are that there is no such thing as a stupid question and you can't post too many pictures.

      Good luck with your built. It is a project well worth the doing.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

        Damn north siders:P

        hehe welcome Jason and all the best with your build.

        As mentioned though I think you really need your WFO to be higher. It looks like it would be about 80cm from that picture. Your height will obviously be a determining factor but as reference I am 183cm (6ft) and my 2nd build will have the cooking deck height of 1.2m

        I would also suggest you have a pizza prep area. Since it is outdoors that means a granite or marble slab where you can shape your dough.


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          Re: New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

          Also, are you building your WFO from scratch with individual firebricks or are you buying a modular refractory kit?
          I can also help you with suppliers in Brisbane if you need.


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            Re: New Brisbane Pizza Oven + BBQ

            Welcome and it's looking good. Tried liking at this on mobile phone. When able to view pictures in phone can't read writing. Can I suggest attaching your photographs from the advance option, they then begins thumb nails.
            Cheers Colin

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