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WFO built into retaining wall

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    Re: WFO built into retaining wall

    Leave your post on. Maybe we should start one up with injuries caused by wood fired ovens.
    I copped a black eye as well on another occasion . The worst part with both my incidents is I was sober


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      Re: WFO built into retaining wall

      G'day Softey
      That a fair amount of ouch in any mans book. How you continued to lay bricks with that!
      Yes you right I'm going to sort something out on the safety sticky. I did make a thread years ago but it's long since disappeared into the general threads. It was a good thing to think about it I've spent a long time hiding it and getting things done the best I could.
      Before I forget. I saw origano, chilli, ordinary basil but the really big leaf leaf herb in the middle. I don't recognize that one?
      Regards dave
      Measure twice
      Cut once
      Fit in position with largest hammer

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        Re: WFO built into retaining wall

        capsicum, I didn't plant it, it started on its own, I will leave it for now while it has fruit