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yet another Adelaide build (42")

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  • yet another Adelaide build (42")

    So I've been lurking the boards for over 12 months, researching and working on design for WFO as part of new family home.

    I'm planning a 42" dome, this will be on calsil board (or similar) which sits on 75mm hebel power panel supported by steel lintels over a besser block stand. Still deciding on whether this is rendered, or to use CRS range designer blocks.

    Decorative arch will be pressed reds from the old house (mid-late 40's red brick returned services house) that we salvaged, still to decide on igloo final finish as yet.

    At the moment I am gathering materials and have the stand slab poured. Having demolished and currently doing a rebuild I was able to use the concreting team we had to do a hydronic heating overpour to do the stand slab at the same time (1900x2200x150mm with reo-mesh) for only a little extra.

    I have managed to source 250 odd 2nd hand ex-brickworks firebricks for a bargain, they are a bit rough around the edges but will work once cut and trimmed and am considering using new bricks for the cooking floor. Those buggers were heavy, 230x115x75mm or so weighing in at 3.8kg each. 200 or so are whole bricks, the remaining are at least 1/2 or 3/4 bricks so plan on using these for the tighter taper/upper courses. Ideally I'm after a no/minimal mortar build.

    The external wall contractors on site at the moment have taken an interest and have told me to let them know the hebel panel dimensions I need and they'll order a few extra and cut to size for me to stick into the shed for later use. have also managed to save a good amount of 75mm EPS Masterwall cladding off-cuts to use for full sized foam models for bricks/arch.

    The WFO will be located on the front corner of existing shed opposite al-fresco dining area, so the idea is to be able to slide the food out of the WFO onto the outdoor table with a couple of steps!.

    Next is to source stand blocks, a wet brick saw, fireclay for homebrew etc etc etc.

    It looks like everyone just loves a photo or 3, so here are ones of firebrick pile I sorted through to get decent bricks, examples of the bricks and stand slab with a reverse view to the main building site and alfresco area, and the source of my firewood pile from the tree we had to fell on our adjoining property, reckon its about 4 cubic meters of timber that'll be drying over the next few years!

    The rest of the back yard is being dedicated to sustainable living with a chooks already in residence, heritage fruit trees ready to go into the ground late winter, and an aquaponics setup to be built also.

    Look forward to documenting the build over time and seeking guidance from those who have gone before, there is so much information on the forums and so many great builds!

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    Re: yet another Adelaide build (42&quot

    I'm another newbie - looking forward to watching your build progress



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      Re: yet another Adelaide build (42&quot

      It will be a slow build, have many other projects to complete in the meantime That being said, sketchup is great as I can start looking at dimensions and details such as arch transitions.


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        Re: yet another Adelaide build (42&quot

        Hi Jason,
        once you have your base made and your hearth laid (or you can put it down after you have your soldier course in place) you can easily finish the dome in a week-end.

        Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

        The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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          Re: yet another Adelaide build (42&quot

          Originally posted by Jason G View Post
          It will be a slow build, have many other projects to complete in the meantime That being said, sketchup is great as I can start looking at dimensions and details such as arch transitions.
          It looks from your sketch up that the transition bricks for you inner arch are not reaching in but are a uniform shape. I highly recommend the reaching in approach as it will reduce if not eliminate the teardrop effect.

          You may also want to buttress your outer arch if not planed for in the enclosure.
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            Re: yet another Adelaide build (42&quot

            Hi Chip

            The drawings are incomplete at the moment, with the transition arch bricks they are drawn cut following the inner and outer faces of the cut dome bricks. Have yet to draw in the arch side cuts that will also follow the inner/outer faces, I have the arch tied into the dome structure so lateral supports should Ok? I'll post some more diagrams as I find time to get the modeling done to see how it looks for the various faces/layers and angles.