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  • D105 Adelaide Build

    yes another D105 kit,

    Mrs has set a task for me to have a Pizza oven ready and working by Christmas. so I have a lot of work to do and to get ready for it.

    So after looking about a lot on the web I came across Ben's Oven's they look amazing and just what i was after ( I did not want a precast dome like most the ones I had found. )

    so we ordered the kit so i could get that here, got the call Friday that our kit has arrived so tomorrow morning before work I am off to pick it up

    so now I need to shift the Vegi patch and water tank and work out the final design of the stand..

    have really liked seeing the builds others have done here as well.

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    I have the same deadline and oven kit - but I have had a 6 month head start - I have really enjoyed my build so far.

    I look forward to seeing some photos as you progress



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      Thanks Steady Yep I will have photos just clearing the site up to get ready ( hope to move the water tank Sunday with help from a mate )


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        I was able to move the Vegi patch and pull down the old pergola

        next I need to remove the concrete to get a decent level base what was there is not the best.

        going to use hebel for the top slab people seem to have good results with that.

        here are some progress photos


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          so close yet so far.. almost got the site all ready to start, now it is all cleaned up and ready just working our final position of the oven, hope to by next Sunday have it all ready to start getting the concrete slab have a lot on so not sure how I will go for time


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            question for all, looking at using Hebal panel for the base of the oven ( then obviously the board then the fire bricks )
            anyone see an issue with that ?


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              Hebel is not too strong. It weighs around a third of the equivalent volume of standard concrete, so expect around a third of the strength. You will have to make sure it is well supported underneath. If you use the Power Panel (reinforcing cast into the centre) don't expect it to perform like standard reinforced concrete. The bars are only about 5 mm thick and there are not many of them.
              Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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                I checked all the rules and regs I could find about pizza ovens and the only requirement that seemed to apply (in NSW anyway) was that it had to be 450mm from a boundary (and a certain distance from flammable material - the exact distance I can't remember now but it might have been around a metre).

                My original thought was to tuck it into the corner of the garden as it looks like you might be doing, but I moved it to the centre of the back wall and 450mm off it. Just thought I'd mention that as it looks like yours is going to be close to the fence line.
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                  Found this pdf which gives slightly different dimensions but which is specific to SA:


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                    thanks for that Wozza I had seen them before the oven will sit on an angle away from the fence my main pain the the pole from the veranda wish I could take some time off work to get more done..


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                      Another productive weekend with massive thanks to a mate to help me with the slab ( he has all the skills )


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                        starting to take shape now for the base.

                        talk about a work out moving 90 bessa blocks in 47 minutes makes you sweat then add moving a tonne of sand on top of that. and some how I ended up getting on the bike last night for a ride to test out new lights.

                        today we ( another mate helped out, ) I am going to owe a lot of beer and pizza when this is finished, we put the first course of blocks down, will be dry stacking and core filling the rest next weekend.


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                          Quite a few holes to fill there. Are you going to mix the concrete by hand? That's another good workout - this oven building keeps you reasonably fit. Which of course is counterbalanced by all the beer and pizza you consume when it's finished.


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                            yep just a few

                            I have a mixer for it , it is to help to make sure i get out on the MTB more afterwards beers and pizza's go hand in hand with MTB riding I find


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                              another weekend and a bit more done, nothing next weekend will get done as I am off up in to the Flinders for a MTB race I am in ( 6 hours as I have not ridden there before so not taking on the 18 hour event, might save that for next year, )

                              Next is to render the base then on with the top