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Hello fellow Aussies, My 1st build

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    Originally posted by terratree View Post
    Looking Good Paul and Geez you've knocked this up pretty quick ! Not much else to do down that way, at the moment I guess.

    As you have gone against a full spherical inner arch, have you worked out what buttressing will be required ? Plenty of experienced builders on here that can help with that.
    I did get stuck into it, I have let it sit for a week now and still standing , I plan on building an old red brick front which will support the inner arch, I have the stuff to insulate the dome, blanket and perlite etc, but wanted to wait until I built chimney before I start fires, so work has grinded to a halt.
    I did make a door out of some stuff I had in shed (except the paint) out of 5mm steel plate, not sure it will be my permanent door as I want the handles welded on, unfortunately I don't have any gas to make welds look good.
    I read on here that people put a vent/valve on dome for moisture to escape, I wasn't going to bother but thought I may aswell, so I have a short length of brass pipe I will put in top, hopefully thats ok.

    I have a couple of questions if anyone would like to chip in.... I'm sure they have been answered before on here,

    -- QUESTION: I have a brass cap to go on it, do i keep that just sitting on there with half a turn? or do I shut it at some stage?, should I even put pipe in?

    -- QUESTION: How much wood do I need for curing the oven, I will attach a photo which has the new door and the redgum that I have, do I need 2x or 5x that amount, or is that enough?

    Thanks guys.

    My 42" Pompeii build - Carrum Downs, Vic, Australia


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      I still havent made a final door, but what I have certainly locks heat in. Yours looks good.

      When I cured my dome, it was just after Darwin's wet season, so I knew I had loads of moisture trapped. The visible steam coming out the insulation kinda shocked me a bit. So go extremely slow with initial firing, particularly if youve already rendered the outer. I used a heat lamp for 1 week (60 degc), before I started with heat beads (no flame). I reckon this made a big difference.

      My 2c:
      • Vent - its s good idea. Leave the cap off. Have you seen any of david s comments re. trapped steam/expansion ? Keep rain off the dome prior though - tarps/secured builders plastic.
      • Wood - hard to say. But its very small fires at first. Heat beads, or a lamp might be the go first, if you cant replenish wood due to lock down

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        Thanks Jay, I haven't rendered the outside yet but I decided to go ahead and start my curing fires, 2nd one today, first day I kept a tiny fire going for a few hours then left it overnight with door on, today I used the heat beads (good tip) they worked a treat, didn't have to keep feeding a tiny fire, fingers crossed I get minimal cracking, I am guessing that happens as the fires get bigger.
        My 42" Pompeii build - Carrum Downs, Vic, Australia


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          Thought I would post an update, I have built the landing and outer arch, put on 3 layers of ceramic blanket and put on the chicken wire, now on to chimney.

          Things I learnt this week are - I would not make any money as a brick layer, and lime is brutal on the hands.
          Click image for larger version

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          My 42" Pompeii build - Carrum Downs, Vic, Australia


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            Finished it
            My 42" Pompeii build - Carrum Downs, Vic, Australia


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              Congrats Paul, looks good.




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                Originally posted by Paul W View Post
                Finished it
                Nice work Paul. I like your door and door handles. I'm busy making a door for my oven at the moment.
                My 42" build:
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