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Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

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  • Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

    Was just wondering what everyones fav Wood Fired Oven Resturant is. Are there any really good ones and are there any that really dont have a clue how to use one???

    Over here in Perth we have many good WFO resturants. My personal Fav is Little Creatures in Fremantle follow by Roccos in South Fremantle. Will have to get some photos of the two places and put them on here. One really dissapointing Resturant is a local Pizza place just around the corner from my place. They had a really good wood oven and were producing really good pizza. But....the store changed managment and things went down hill. The wood oven got turned into the pizza tray storage area and they bought in one of those rolling grill pizza cookers Well, lets just say they are not what they used to be.

    But share your fav stores/resturants and post some pics if possible of the oven and food produced from it.


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    Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

    There is a great one here in the southern vales of Adelaide. Russell Jeavons has a reputation of building good wood fired ovens, has written a book on them and al the info is here:


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      Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

      In the Perth area, I rate the following restaurants the best for WF pizza:

      1. Ruocco's in Fremantle
      2. Siennas in Mt Lawley
      3. Sandrino in Fremantle
      4. Anticos in East Perth
      5. Lambrettas in Nedlands
      6. Little Creatures in Fremantle

      I have heard good reports about Little Ceasars (now in Leederville) but because they don't have a WFO I haven't bothered with them and don't plan to go there any time soon.
      / Rossco


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        Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

        Your right there Rossco...Little Ceasars did once use WFO's when we won the world champ. for Pizzas, but since then he has ( So I have been told by an industry insider) that he is sponsered by Atlinta Gas so he now uses Gas Fired Ovens. Shame really cause I heard his pizzas were really good!


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          Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

          Thanks for the background on LC's Scott. Definitely a pity they changed the method. Definitely won't produce the best taste possible with gas!!!

          On the point of them "winning the world pizza championship" - I had heard this claim before - but there is no evience on their website that they actually did achieve that distinction. What it says is that they came 4th..

          This from their website (but perhaps there is more info elsewhere):

          2009 - World Champions Pizza, Italy, Competed and placed 4th out of 450 competitors.

          Welcome to the Little Caesars Pizzeria
          / Rossco


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            Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

            Just had lunch at Lambrettas with my wife. Had a nice Margherita pizza. Might need to try a few more places to check out there dough styles before deciding which type to try and duplicate. It was very nice.

            I love watching my crust rise and change colour in my WFO.


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              Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

              For Queensland 'Marinara' at Sanctuary Cove make a nice seafood pizza. Been lucky enough though to taste 'Pizzeria Da Michele' pizza when we went to naples a couple of years ago. No other pizza compares full stop. Curse it, its just too far away


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                Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

                old thread, but had to add my favourite WFO pizza restaurant

                Napoli In bocca, Haberfield, Sydney

                Napoli In Bocca Pizzeria Ristorante

                absolutely the best pizza in sydney, and this town is a big place!

                if you go try the quattro formaggi, or 4 cheeses, unreal, and great service
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                  Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

                  The best in Adelaide by a long shot: EST PIZZERIA

                  EST Pizzeria
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                    Re: Best Wood Fired Resturants in Australia

                    Just a thought, is Little Creatures in WA anything to do with the brewery?
                    Really like their beer

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