Hello Canadian Friends!

I'm leaning on your collective wisdom to help me with the determination and sourcing of mortar for the dome.
Our American friends have SO MANY options/choices to just run around the corner and get theirs ... seems less of the experience here (at least for me!).

I'm asking - what mortar did you use?
I read the wet, air dry stuff is not good to use (particularly on joints larger than 1/8" - which will happen) and can crack, etc.
I read the home-brew is great ... then I read it isn't.
The FB Remix is ridiculously expensive, shipping is more than the product and with pandemic - likely won't see it for ages!
Superwet 3000 is used by some providers in Ontario (Markham, ON) yet we are back to the wet, air-dry debate.

I'm totally LOST!

Any experience in what you used and where you got it?

Welcoming any insight!