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Two TERRIBLE pizzas in Portals Nous, Mallorca!

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  • Two TERRIBLE pizzas in Portals Nous, Mallorca!

    And much to my grave disappointment.

    Both occasions were at different restaurants in the affluent Puerto Portals (Marina) complex.

    The first advertised "organic" pizzas - which I interpreted as simply using organic flour. I ordered one with anchovies and capers (I can't remember its specific name - possibly Neptune.) I did not expect to be presented with a pressure rolled, flat-as-you-like wholemeal tortilla, with the merest smear of tomato sauce (and that's being generous), piled with thick mozarella and rocket (plus a few token anchovies and capers). It was truly horrible. Clearly their chef has decided to rewrite the rule book on pizza - or else has no shame.

    The second, just a few doors away, was admittedly not primarily a pizzeria. Once again though, we were served up this rollered flat "thing" which, although not wholemeal this time, was as stiff as a board and thick with greasy cheese. It also tasted of burnt oil. (It did at least have some tomato on it.) It was the kind of garbage that you'd expect on a bad day from a beachfront kiosk in Skegness. Not the Mediterranean!

    If you PM me I will gladly tell you the names of these establishments. Just goes to show that, however impressive the area, it's no guarantee of decent food!

    Ironically, on our way back up to the hotel, the one wood-fired pizzeria that we had seen, which had until then given every impression of having closed down for the year, was open and just firing up! Too bad we never got to check it out....
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    I had some horrible pizza experiences, even in pizza land Italy. Looking at reviews about the restaurants helps a lot. The place may be not always perfect but its all about the food, right?