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  • Vermiculite board

    I am getting ready to begin building my oven. However, I can not find anyone in my area - Lehigh Valley Pa.- who sells vermiculite board or ceramic fiber board. I know you can use vermiculite cement but with my limited masonry skills I want to go with the board

    2 questions:

    1. If I can not find a supplier doe it really matter if I use an insulator under the fire bricks ? I will only be cooking for my family and for occasional parties with a few friends.

    2., Does anybody know where I can buy vermiculite or ceramic fiber board in the in Eastern Pennsylvania? I live near Allentown Pa.


    Bob H

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    Re: Vermiculite board


    You definitely want insulation under your hearth. Don't shortcut on insulation, you will only regret it later. FB sells the board and if that is not an option, google refractory insulation. I would think that being so close to the Steelers that it must be available somewhat near you.
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      Re: Vermiculite board

      Vermiculite board is an old fashioned product. I think they pretty much stopped making it after the asbestos liability problem. There's no reason they couldn't make it with asbestos free vermiculite, but I think it's been replaced by the more efficient mineral fiber and cal-sil boards.

      Vermiculite (or perlite) concrete isn't hard to make. It's just a little odd to work with if you're not used to it.

      And yes, as Les says, don't even think about skipping the insulation under your floor. If you pay for wood, it'll pay for it's self in the first cord. Even if you cut the wood yourself, your time is worth something.

      A quick Google maps search for "refractory near allentown pa" shows half a dozen possibilities. You're in the heartland of the American concrete business. I can't believe that no one sells refractory insulation. Time to get on the phone.
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        Re: Vermiculite board

        I agree don't skip the insulation under the floor. That's where you want all of your heat for your pizza. If the floor keeps cooling off all the time it will drive you crazy. I put a vermicucreate layer and then fiber board, just to go way overboard on the insulation. You want that floor to stay hot.
        - keep looking around, I found that most normal brick yards had no idea what I was talking about. You need to find a specialty shop.



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          Re: Vermiculite board

          Originally posted by dmun View Post
          don't even think about skipping the insulation under your floor.
          And dont use broken glass......
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            Re: Vermiculite board

            Or sand