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Pizza Oven Materials in Utah

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  • Pizza Oven Materials in Utah

    I have the bricks that I used to build my Pompeii 110 WFO and blanket insulation for sale for $600. Includes oven door and rain cap for the chimney. All you need is mortar and insulation boards for under the oven. I had my oven built and then weather got to it and it collapsed. Long story. Since my divorce, I've decided to go with a Primavera or a portable oven now, so all my bricks and unused insulation (still in the boxes) are for sale in the Salt Lake City area. See some photos of the project.

    Also selling Five Piece Residential Pizza Oven Tool Set for $100.
    Contact Greg at eight oh one 362-7165 or gbohnstedt (at)
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    Re: Pizza Oven Materials in Utah

    What did you use for mortar?