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ceramic insulating blanket in Texas

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  • ceramic insulating blanket in Texas

    Today we finished cutting and placing the Insulating blanket, made the wire cage and stuccoed the whole thing!!!!! My God I am so glad that this is finished! We started out last January with a dream, and now, we have a pizza oven.

    We over calculated our needs on the insulating blanket, but better safe than sorry. I have a full roll of 24" X 1" X 50sf , 8 lb density and a bit more than 1/2 of another roll. My cost was $125 a roll (including the state tax), you could have both for $125, but you will have to pick them up at my house in West.

    Anyone in Central Texas in need of this give me a shout, you can email me ( or leave message here on my profile. I purchased them from Delta Refractories and picked them up in Grand Prairie a little less than a month ago. Hope to help them find a new pizza oven to keep warm.

    Husband now tells me he would like to let the brick saw we got from Harbor Freight in 2011 go to a new home. It isn't pretty, its been used hard, still works and needs a new home! We paid over $200 and you can have it for $50. Its here in Texas! Come and get it!!!! I moved some things around in the shed and found extra firebricks!!! Maybe a hundred or so, free to who comes by and makes a purchase of one or the other (insulating blanket or brick saw). We are in West, Texas, come on up and get some kolaches and stuff to make your wood fired pizza oven. ( I should have mentioned, that the prices are negotiable .)
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