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  • Website links working?

    I have been trying to find albums from the link and cannot. Have some links changed or is it my computer? The link copies to this but when I click it or even paste it into the address bar, I get circled back to the Forums main page.

    I think the other day, I had another link that was not working either but cannot seem to find it now. Just wondering if something has changed and also how to get to albums.


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    Hi Shawn,

    The ALBUMS section on the new forum never did function as it's description would suggest. It is primarily where pics are automatically stored when someone shares a pic within a post. In the beginning it was accessible but led to a lot of confusion. When clicking on the banner link it looked like any other section that would allow someone to post a message. Many first time users were posting introductions and other new topics there. However, that section did not alert the forum to a new post. I don't think that the text was visible to anyone but a moderator. I'm guessing that one of the Forno Bravo Administrators adjusted the the link. If that is true, it may be better to remove the link from the banner to reduce the confusion. I will bring this to Alex_FB 's attention.

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      Thanks Gulf