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  • oven cracks

    Notice cracks in oven. Anyone know the cause and how to fix?
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    Originally posted by RichV View Post
    Notice cracks in oven. Anyone know the cause and how to fix?
    The cause is due to "Heat" and no its not possible to fix them, perfectly normal.


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      The position of the cracks, common in this position,is where the hotter inner oven parts meet the cooler outer shell and front decorative arch. It is the temperature difference that causes a difference in thermal expansion that builds up stress resulting in cracking. Thes cracks can be avoided in the design by allowing the inner oven parts to expand freely inside the outer shell and outer arch. This does involve an expansion joint. Your oven has just created its own expansion joint. Short of a total tear down you won't be able to fix it, but it's unlikely to get worse and will not affect the oven performance.

      "There are two kinds of oven owners, those who say their ovens have cracks and those who lie about their oven having no cracks."
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        Thanks for the reply! Strange Forno Bravo has not addressed the design. Their response was the cracks were from the hot and cold weather.

        "We see this a lot it with ovens it is wear and tear it has to do a lot with weather hot to cold to be precise basically what needs to happen is those areas need to be chipped away, stucco, scratch and brown, and re painted."