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oven door size?

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  • oven door size?

    Hi All,
    I'm building a Pompeii style with a 30" wide baking floor. All of the doors I see for sale seem rather huge, 20" wide or more. Does anyone know how to find one smaller, say 16" wide or so.... been searching but nothing so far! Grazie!!

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    Normally, the best solution is to build (or have one built) for your oven. Most builders end up with a fairly unique oven opening so to get a good door fit, it's going to be a custom fit. There is a thread that is very helpful seeing how easily (or complicated ) building a door can be. I have two doors, one basically just a heat shield piece of steel for pizza work/reheating floor and an insulated door for bread baking. Many people only use the oven for pizza & don't have a door at all.
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