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How to safely transport an oven?

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  • How to safely transport an oven?

    Hi I'm moving to another city that's 1000 miles away and I would like to install the oven that I built in my new house, I built my oven already knowing that I wanted a portable oven. The question is, how do I have to pack my oven so that it doesn't crack or break during the trip? I think the oven weighs about 1.8tons so it has to moved with a forklift.


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    Re: How to safely transport an oven?

    unless you built your oven specifically with the view of transporting it, I would the some extra precautions to ensure that it survives the trip.
    I have put some serious thought to building a mobile brick oven on a trailer that is removable if needs be, but tough and durable enough to take the strain.
    If you, I would get some steel strapping, say 2" x 1/4" and make a circular wrap around the base with 6 or so angle brackets welded to it evenly spaced around the base and screwed, dynabolted or bolted to the carrying pallete or hearth base. To this, I would weld 1" straps from these brackets up and over the dome to the other opposite side where it would also be welded. Basically spend $30 or so and make a metal frame to tie it all together and down to the base. You could also drill and bolt the frame rather than weld it as you can then dismantle and/or re-use the steel for other projects once it is moved.
    I would also pack the inside with substantial old styrene boxes and offcuts to support he inside, something light but substantial cannot hurt.
    Also select an appropriate removalist/transporter offering them a 'bonus' to get it undamaged might also be worthwhile, even if it is is a slab of beer or a pizza fest for them!
    Just a few thoughts.

    Good luck.

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      Re: How to safely transport an oven?

      We all love our ovens and have difficulty parting with them, but if you are moving 1000 miles then your transport costs for a heavy oven will be considerable, not to mention the hire of a forklift or crane. A WFO should add value to your home or at least make it easier to sell. Have you considered building a new one ?
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        Re: How to safely transport an oven?

        HI Neil, thank you very much for ideas, I'm moving in February so I still have some time to plan how pack my oven. Yes David, I already considered building a new oven but I've spent such good times with my oven that's really hard for me to leave it here.