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Anyone Have a Rain Barrel?

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    Re: Anyone Have a Rain Barrel?

    Yep, I know that in the huge Colorado River watershed rain barrels are illegal because ownership every drop of rainfall is assigned by legislation, agreements, and litigation.

    AFAIK, who owns the rain is not a topic for discussion here on the east coast.
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      Re: Anyone Have a Rain Barrel?

      No, we usually just debate river flow. Mostly because Atlanta hasn't come up with a solution that doesn't involve draining the Chattahoochee or making spurious claims to the Tennessee (which isn't even in Georgia!)

      BC, I think they changed it: Rainwater Collection in Washington State
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        Re: Anyone Have a Rain Barrel?

        Archena, good link!

        I built mine when it was "illegal to collect rainwater" that also was before there was much in the way of "on island" storage of water for fire protection and so I went the "fire protection route". Even then I had to get a official building permit which in itself was a lesson in patience. Ended up having to get an approval by licensed professional engineer as my tank was/is "homemade". Were they now to complain I would protest that I'm "grandfathered use".