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Renton Nov 2008

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  • Renton Nov 2008

    Ah Seattle home of the overpriced cup of coffee, giant pacific octopi and yes a Pompeii oven or two.

    I recently had the distinct pleasure of finagling a dinner fest with Maver from the forum. As some of you may remember he had to sell his home shortly after building his oven. The new owners did not feign interest in using the oven so "Have Crane, Will Travel". Armed with a handful of Basil from burning southern California I was greeted by the family and we quickly made our way to the a roaring fire before the last rays of lights faded from view.

    I am sure to get the ingredients wrong but there were about 8 Tupperware containers of dough waiting to be spread. The first out of the oven was the bonafide triumvirate Marghita, a pepperoni, followed by a myriad of ingredients such as mushroom, rosemary. A highlight was a simple dish of thinly sliced potato with I believe we had goat cheese and some sparse basil. A true experiment was I think collard greens. The key to these simple pies was to limit the number of ingredients - similar to a Marghita and then not overdoing it with quantity of each item.

    The killer to the evening - double fudge brownies slightly undercooked.

    The next night was a double celebration - For a year and a half we have been filling out paperwork and getting scrutinized for an adoption of a girl from India. She was left at the door steps of the orphanage when she was about 5 months old. We saw and said yes to adopting her when she was 9 months old. She is now 2 It has been a long process and one of the last hurdles is getting through the courts in India. We were informed by phone that we passed the courts. Now to find out a way to fund the rest of this adoption. To celebrate I went scuba diving in the bay on the other side of the Seattle Needle. Well this dive was actually planned it was just serendipity that it occurred with my momentous news. After the dive we went to a restaurant that specializes in? yep you guessed it Pizza and beer. Well I don't drink beer and after what I had the night before I was not too impressed. The dough underside was, shall we say, slick, and the toppings were heavy handed. Not a gastronomical delight.

    Stay tuned if I can get my hands of the Maver Pizzas I will post them


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    Re: Renton Nov 2008

    Congratulations on passing the courts test. I hope you get your girl soon!

    Was that pizza with potato, goat cheese and basil, or just those things in sort of a casserole?


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      Re: Renton Nov 2008

      Dinner was quite simple and elegant - PIZZA, WINE, WATER (tea-tottler), CONVERSATION and BROWNIES no casseroles!


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        Re: Renton Nov 2008

        Oh, congratulations on your adoption! I hope all continues to go well.

        We were informed just last week that my husband has been allowed to adopt my eldest daughter - whom he's been a loveing father to for the last eight years. It was all far more complicated than you'd ever think - so I can't imagine how complicated your adoption process must have been.

        The Pizza party sounds great, too!

        One of my current aims in life is to one day meet at least one person from this forum in real life - and if pizza is involved somewhere, all the better.
        "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)


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          Re: Renton Nov 2008

          Frances - I am ashamed that I am called a Master Builder when my dome is still only virtual. What a Walter Mitty! I wholeheartedly support the notion of forum members meeting forum members. I wanted to see Mavers because he, as far as I know, is the only one that has built an oven and then had the audacity to move it from one location to another. We did not get into the cost of moving one of these ovens but I doubt for material it would have been cheaper to rebuild. Yet at the same time if the new owners are not going to be appreciative of what they could potentially own then why give it to them?

          In the US we are a rather young country. When my dad in 1967 bought some land in northern California to build our home there was an old barn and carriage house on it. It had to be razed. Dad realize that this structure was part of the old history of the town going back 80 years or more when most of the town was owned by a wealthy landlord. Dad had a local painter do an oil painting of the barn before it was pulled down and burned and then dad manage to save the cupola. He restored it, put it up on a stand and basically preserved a small piece of history. In the early 70's we moved out of state and dad had to sell the house, he could barely get $60K for it. Now 30 years later the house that dad built but could not keep is appraised at over $1 Mil even with the state of real estate. The new owners did not appreciate local historical artefacts which baffled me even as a youngster since their claim to fame was distant cousins to Betsy Ross (flag maker of old) so they say?In either case 4 years later they dismantled the 5 foot by 5 foot concrete pad and burned the cupola in the fireplace. Some years ago the town celebrated an anniversary and was on the lookout for local history. All we could do was photograph our painting, which had wood from the barn as the frame and duplicate photos of the cupola which would have been a great bat hideout. Thus I can understand why one would move a Pompeii oven. How do I know that dad would have moved this cuploa from California to Idaho to Colorado and back to California. Because he took an old two/four horse drawn hay rake (similar to this one) on each of his moves.

          Pizza photos

          Vultures were quick


          Potatoe, very delicate in flavour

          stay tuned for the last one


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            Re: Renton Nov 2008

            Experimental - greens (precooked), pine nuts, goat cheese


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              Re: Renton Nov 2008

              let me offer my congratulations on your new daughter's adoption.
              Nothing brings pleasure to us more than children (and the occasional heartache). I get enormous pleasure today from my 3 children who are rapidly producing siblings and grandchildren for us.
              Good luck with the process 'mate'!
              About people buying property and not appreciating the assets on/in them, I can relate to when we were going to build a new Federation 560 sq metre house and put ours up for sale. We have a wonderful fully established, fenced deep in ground tiled swimming pool which if paid to install by the pros was to cost $40K + and people came and said, Oh, its got a pool, I guess that's a bonus"!
              Consequently we didn't sell still here (only the new block and the dream), enjoying the house, expanding the entertainment area (outdoor kitchen) for the kids and grandchildren and will enjoy it until we can no longer manage it.

              Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

              The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

              Neillís Pompeiii #1
              Neillís kitchen underway