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    Situated on the Costa Blanca, Alicante has fast become a favourite holiday spot in Spain. Alicante offers a more subtle break in the Costa Blanca. The beaches and coastal attractions remain constant in the region, but the area is slightly more laid back. Alicante has moved upmarket in recent years with a multitude of exclusive restaurants and bars popping up around the marina and commercial port area.
    Alicante provides the ideal base for exploration of the region. The town offers a fine tourism infrastructure itself but the best way to explore the Costa Blanca is by self drive. There are several options for those willing to travel out with Alicante to discover the Costa Blanca on their own terms.

    Driving in the region has much to offer with pleasant coastal roads allowing you to explore on your own terms. The roads are generally safe, but some of the more mountainous areas should be traversed with some additional caution.

    The most popular and convenient way to get around in Alicante, Spain is to rent a car. Whether you?re travelling up the Costa Blanca to Benidorm, or staying in Alicante to sightsee, it?s great to have a car at your disposal. Renting is simple to do, and depending on your itinerary, it will be more cost-effective than any other mode of transportation.

    There are several key things to take note of before you go.

    It is best to book your car rental before your vacation to ensure you get the best price. Also, depending on when you?re travelling, it?s a good idea to pre-arrange a car in advance to be sure that you?ll have one when you arrive. Particularly in the summer, which is peak season in Alicante, you will find that rental inventory goes quickly.
    You can use several different ways to reserve your car. You can book online, through a travel agent, or directly with the company you select. Many times you can find a great deal on a car rental as part of a vacation package. Be sure to shop several companies for the best rates. When shopping, include any additional charges, such as insurance, as well as any restrictions that will apply, to get a clear picture when comparing prices.
    The car doesn?t always have to be picked up at the airport, though for some, that?s most convenient. Sometimes you will find that renting in town is more affordable than renting at the airport. Think about where you will be picking up and dropping off to ensure that you will have transportation to and from the rental location. If you are renting from a location other than the airport, most companies offer complimentary transportation to the rental company.

    Consider any extra features or charges when renting. Find out what is included in the price. Some rental companies may include insurance in their cost some may not. You will have to specify to the rental company if you have any children in your party. Child back seat has to be booked separately and you cannot carry a child in Spain without a child seat. And since it?s a warm region, you should opt for a car with air-conditioning.

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    Re: rent a car alicante

    Hmmmm ... I guess the next thing we'll see posted here is the best place to rent one ...


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      Re: rent a car alicante

      I know it's spam, but we love the place. My wife's parents retired there and we spent many happy summers, Christmas breaks and Easter vacations in the Costa Blanca sun. And besides, I edited out all of the links.

      This is also Xabia Jim's stomping grounds.
      Pizza Ovens
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        Re: rent a car alicante

        Yeah, l I know it's a form of spam too, but not as bad as some!

        It actually had some reasonable advice....and since I love the place too, I didn't cover it up with a new post as I'd usually do with spam

        (no, it's not another alias!)

        sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!