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Pompeii oven in South Africa

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    Photos: Completed oven

    I completed my oven yesterday (about a month and a half since I started). It was way more work than I anticipated, but worth every drop of sweat.

    To finish the oven, I covered the vermiculite/cement insulation with a thin layer of plaster and "painted" the completed oven with a coloured cement type paint. I added some slate tiles to the top of the base forming a work area in fron of the oven entrance.

    Thanks everyone for your advice and help. A big thanks to James and Forno Bravo for the Pompeii plans and this invaluable forum. Without it I would not have been able to build my oven.

    Now, to master the art of baking bread and other things... Fortunately for us in te southern hemisphere summer is here and I can really enjoy experimenting. Will keep you posted

    Thanks again.