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    G'day again, eh.
    ['N apologies for break in comms.Dinkum. I'm bloody hopeless, eh. Same same tits on a bull: probably serve a purpose, but Science can't/won't say...]
    Luddite Jeff in search of some light, if I may.[Probably too flamin late for me anyway, but just one last wish , before James casts me adrift].

    Story is that I've tried to respond to a few private messages recently, and was informed that an error had occurred, or whatever.
    Not a problem when one is seeking essential, life saving data from mere males, but when a vacuous, flirtish post goes astray, the bells start ringing.

    Suggestions, (both sane and insane) welcome.

    Ludd the Jeff[ite]. (Now that's a down-grade. flamin heck.... i stop) j.

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    Re: Errant messages


    Can you cut and past the error message here so we can see what the problem might be?

    We can't have vacuous, flirtish posts going astray! I can't help but wonder if those fancy Aussie words are short circuiting James' server!

    (oh... and we won't let James cast you adrift. You provide too many smiles for those of us up north that are snow-bound and can't build.)
    Ken H. - Kentucky
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      Re: Errant messages

      Ken 524.
      Mate, that mob in the Deep Freeze would welcome a talking ant right now.
      Come Summer, they'll discard me as yesterday's slut.

      Ken 524, along with good advice, I see a lot of humour amongst Jame's [Jamses?] clientelle.
      (Sorry re parsing . At school I was much more interested in the bra straps of the heffer in front of me than the good Teacher's instruction. Stuffit. Sigh. my ignorance has come back an bit me on me arse).
      I'll chuck in whatever I've got, both to generate a giggle, and/or encourage others to flee.
      Stay safe mate:


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        Re: Errant messages

        I had a vacuous, flirtish post go astray once. It took my good silverware and family dog, Mr. Puddles, along with it. ... I still get a post card now & then.


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          Re: Errant messages

          I came accross what must have been one of Jeff's first posts the other day... I had to check twice, because it was written in an almost sane streight forward manner!!

          But the I thought, how many Jeffs from Australia post on this Forum anyway? It must have been him.

          So now I picture him sweating away over a pile of Ossie dictionaries all day long, trying to devise posts we mere English speakers can barely understand.

          ...Probably a retired Professor of linguistics, truth be told.
          "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)


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            Re: Errant messages


            Possibly a retired Prof. of Linguistics, but my own take is a retiring safe cracker.

            "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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              Re: Errant messages

              Empathy mate. You must miss Mr Puddles terribly: at least my dog "PigPen", is still with me.
              CJim you're closer to the mark than Frances.
              When I was discharged from the Army , I was a Private. (Rifleman - lowest of the low. Grunt/Rock Ape/Cannon fodder, and so the list continues....)
              However I did study Welding, does that count?

              Seriously though; arr, never mind. I'll try 'private messaging' again, and see how I go.
              BTW, hot smoked chicken and roast vegies. Truly awesome meat.Midday in Oz as I type, and time to slow-cook the marinated pork pieces for tucker tonight.Maybe a little more smoke this time.
              All that stored heat from the pizzas two nights ago. Thanks James, impressive.
              Cheers you mob.
              Pruffessa Jeff.


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                Re: Errant messages

                Sorry, poor proof-reading (previous post). Try

                'BTW, hot smoked chicken and roast vegies last night'....
                Luddite Jeff.