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  • Venting concerns

    I am doing a kitchen remodel and want to purchase one of the vesuvio models. My concern is venting. If my oven is going to have a straight shot through my roof will I get adequate venting with the chimney itself or will I need a hood vent as well to catch smoke coming out of the mouth of the oven? This is going to be indoor so I do not want smoke leaking out the mouth of the oven into my home. Anyone have experience with this issue? Would prefer to not have a separate vent due to the added expense.

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    Welcome to the forum! I think it would be irresponsible to tell you that you'll never have smoke leak out the front of the oven...after all you are planning to have a wood fire in your kitchen. During the curing process & every firing, the cooler air in the chimney has to be "pushed" out by the initial smoke/heat from your fire to get the active venting going. An adequate smoke collection (hood) for the oven normally takes care of possible "overfow" smoke that may occur during a startup fire. Another very important factor in keeping smoke out of your kitchen, is that you plan for an adequate air source for the oven during use.​​​​​

    Remember, the oven is going to draw a lot of air from the kitchen that will be expelled with the smoke & fire exhaust gases from the burning wood. If you don't provide a clear (& adequate) route/air source for the oven, it won't be able to freely draw & exhaust. We've seen several successful indoor builds on the forum & all of them have had a good smoke collection chamber & have provided an outdoor air source near the oven opening.

    You also want to think about wood storage, path to/from the oven for that necessary wood transfer & ash removal. Hope that helps in setting up your kitchen design layout.
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