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    Hi i'm Andy a dude from Norfolk UK
    I'm so stoked i found this forum its totally what i have been looking for!
    I have decided i definitely want to build a wood burning oven of some sorts and as i'm a design engineer for a bespoke food machinery manufacture i may build it from steel and bricks. Just wondered if anyone has any good advice on building one from these materials?
    I bought an online book the other day which outlines building a clay oven and that looks interesting, so i may build one of those next but as i can get my hands on lots of free materials like heavy gauge steel and i can weld everything together myself i may give that a go first.

    Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you most experienced wood burners, pizza cookers and over experts.


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    Re: Norfolk Oven


    Welcome. The primary use of steel in non-conventional 'brick oven' construction is as an outer shell that houses a brick interior. As Doug mentions, the magic is produced from the radiated heat that emits from a saturated thermal mass, be it bricks or cast refractory material. The experienced cook designs his meals to take advantage of the declining heat signature of his oven. I'm not sure a pure steel oven will retain enough heat to cook much besides the original pizza.


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      Re: Norfolk Oven

      When steel is used in these ovens it is generally so a lighter weight oven can be built, as for a frame for a mobile oven on wheels.